Monday, November 10, 2008

why i should not be president

if i was president, evangelist, gun wielding, god fearing rednecks and parents that fight at pop warner football games would be taken to large arenas where people who have an iq between 100 and 130 would be able to watch the rednecks and football parents fight to the death, after they are told the opposing "team" called them or their children "gay fag losers who think them sissy liberals are kinda fancy".

also the people in the crowd could openly drink and when they are done with their sponsored beer bottles, they can hurl them at the barbaric activities in the center of the arena for prizes.

the children of the rednecks and overly aggressive football parents would be taken away from the television, away from the microwave, away from their parents' guns and high school football trophy cases that still remain as the centerpiece for both the living room and dinnertime stories, and taught philosophy and why being able to only comprehend a single perspective is degenerative to human development.

also, you would have to pass an intelligence test in order to procreate.